Sunday, April 7, 2019


I am a bit confused about the new inlinkz format and was notified by one of my participants that they could not see their entry on the challenge post as before.

I do see that the name of the person that entered the challenge is visible and if you click on this name it will take you to their blog or wherever they have posted their artwork and it can be viewed there.

I also investigated and played around with the new format (which to me is Greek) and found another way to create the ADD LINK button and I have posted that and tested it and see that the artwork is showing but I am still not clear if this is correct. I have reached out to a couple of my participants for help as well as support at inlinkz so I hope I can get this cleared up soon.

I don't see any problems with Take A Word or Three Muses ADD LINK button so this is probably just me so if any of you can help me understand the new format please contact me at



  1. Hi, I think it is not right loaded from inlinz as names are not included the picture. The titles are not asked when you are leaving the link.

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