Monday, November 17, 2014

Dark Challenge for November 17th " Stranded "

Hello from Carole Anne here
The Dark challenge for November 17th until the end of the going to be 

" Stranded "

Yikes   ever been there..? 
 Stranded at a bus stop ,the people who were to pick you up had the wrong day....
Stranded out in the Countryside in the dark with a flat tire and your cell phone doesn't work.

With this challenge you will be able to express your fear of being stranded, Tell your story or imagine being in that position

Above all have fun....let the muse flow.
You can of course anytime add more than one piece...and our challenges are being kept open for a longer time frame so go back and challenge your self again to previous challenges that have been extended.

And  the next challenge for to prepare for in December, is going to be 
" I can't see"

Thank you all for your participation in our challenges...its makes Patti and I  feel like we are not wasting our time creating the challenges. We love to see your artwork so please also post in the Gallery using the "Add Your Link" button.

Please post your artwork by using the Link below,  and don't forget, you  must click on the thumbnail to view the full image.  The thumbnail is merely the link to forward you to the full image where you can read about the artwork and leave comments.


  1. sad for you to have that fear..this is adorable with the rabbit at first glance i thought the rabbit was stranded... but when i went to the photo and read your story....I understood ..thanks for playing

  2. Corrine...i love the colors and the message of your art here...thanks so much for submitting for this challenge..

    1. Thank you Carole Anne! I have fun with the challenges you all come up with! :)