Friday, August 15, 2014


This blog was created for digital artists who like a Challenge. Our first challenge will be on Sept 7th and posted here on the main page.

The hosts of Dreamers Challenge, Photomanipulation, and Dark Whispers will take turns posting their challenges. The Photography Plus Group can be found by clicking on the tab at the top.

Once you have created your piece of artwork for the challenge go to the  "Add Your Link" button at the bottom of this page to upload your photos.
You can also post artwork that is not associated with a challenge in our Gallery. Instructions are posted on the Gallery Page. Click the Gallery Tab at the top of this page.

We are still hosting our ATC Group and a Round Robin which will be posted on our Facebook Page. Just click the link on the sidebar here.

Thanks for following us, we are looking forward to an inviting and fun adventure.

From all of us here at Digital Whisper, welcome, we are happy to have you follow us.


  1. HI! Looking good!! ;-) Hugs my friend!

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  4. This looks great....hopefully I can participate :}

  5. This looks nice, but where is the Photography Group located? I don't see any links for it.

    1. Edna, a challenge for the Photography Group will be posted here but we will be taking turns with each host. Dreamers Challenge, Dark Whisper Challenge, Photomanipulation and Photography will all take turns posting a challenge.

  6. Hello DW...... I'm here..... Blog is looking good so far <3

  7. This looks really good and inviting. Well done.

  8. Dreamers Challenge, Dark Whisper Challenge, Photomanipulation and Photography will all take turns posting a challenge.

  9. Hi there! Thanks so much for your lovely invite to come play sent from Creative Souls... I'll definitely be back. Just wanted to let you know that the Creative Whisper link in the email you guys sent out leads to a 404 error. I went hunting to try to track you down, but could only find a Digital Whisper blog that hadn't been posted to since 2012. Finally went to Creative Souls, and the link placed there led me here. Just didn't want you to think there wasn't any interest, if you don't get many people popping by after your lovely invite. ;) Blog is beautiful, btw! Crossing fingers I get some time to play!

    Rachel Verdi

  10. So thankful you and here and make it possible for to enjoy each other and share. For all the time it takes to do this too!!

  11. Really happy to be here.. lovely blog..!

  12. Patti--
    Love the wonderful banner! Everything looks great! thank you for doing this to keep Digital Whispers open! Promise to stop by and try to join in on some of the challenges!

    Love ya',

  13. THe New Digital Round Robin has started over at over and join and imagine what you would add to it..Funniest group around...