Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dark Challenge for November..." Helter Skelter "

Even tho Spell check is telling this is spelled wrong.I am going with it. I remember the song and the movie..

 For this challenge " Helter Skelter"  So I am hoping you all know what I am talking about when I use this term..think back to Charles Manson...the horror..the gore..or I think about my closet...

It could be a lot of color mergers...crazy clowns.frantic people.messy rooms. anything that makes you think Jeez what a mess...

I will be working on my piece while traveling down to New Mexico..
Have fun
And thanks for participating.  Carole Anne

Please post your artwork by using the Link below,  and don't forget, you  must click on the thumbnail to view the full image.  The thumbnail is merely the link to forward you to the full image where you can read about the artwork and leave comments.


  1. Great Challenge Carole Anne
    This should be alot of fun

  2. And once again i am having trouble adding the link if you could send it to me and i can put it somewhere i can retrieve it and copy and paste.

  3. I added the link Carole Anne
    No problem

  4. i love all of them... going to try and work on mine tonight..